Fouded in 2005 by brothers Claudia and Felipe Arriagada, with the sole idea of becoming the best invitation design studio in Santiago.

At that time the design of invitations and the aesthetics of marriages was very calm and traditional, therefore our concept was to include design and color into the invitations and details that we designed.

We started working from home and did everything ourselves, a very grounded beginning and with little clarity of what we would ever achieve.

Already in 2012 Indigo Invitaciones is a well-known brand in the field of marriages and we decided that it’s time to start exploring new areas keeping paper as the central axis of our work. This is how Indigo Invitaciones is transformed into the current Indigo de Papel.

Under this new name, the company starts designing several paper products, focused primarily on desk and table decoration. With this new catalog, we begun to participate in a series of Chilean design fairs where we realize the potential of our products and the acceptance they have from the visiting public.

In 2014, we had the option of opening our first own store in Parque Arauco, one of Santiago’s oldest shopping centers in and without a doubt the one with the longest trajectory and success in the Chilean capital.

From this point forward Indigo de Papel establishes itself as a Chilean design company with greater presence and recognition, beginning a stage of growth and expansion that has taken us to our current state, with a second store at Mall Plaza los Domínicos and distributing our products to several stores throughout chile.

In May 2018 and thanks to the help of the Chilean Government, ProChile, Indigo de Papel presents itself for the first time at National Stationary Show in New York City to carry out its new expansion project outside of Chile.

We deeply enjoy what we do, and where we are, is the result of a lot of work and conviction in our project, but also thanks to the support of an incredible team and our family, thanks are never enough for them.

To those who read this section of our website, thank you for taking the time to do so and we hope that you keep liking our work…


Claudia and Felipe